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Back in school it was always clear for me that I would become an architect one day. But the closer the decision came to actually studying architecture the more I realized that neither this or any other course would cover all my interests. During my journey through Latin America I decided to study Communication in Social and Economic Context at the University of Arts in Berlin. It combines theories of marketing, psychology, sociology and cultural studies with creative work, both textual and audiovisual. I am convinced that an understanding about how people think and how societies function will help me to foresee the challenges of the future and to find solutions for them.

With my photography I express my passion for aesthetics and extraordinary atmospheres. I evolved from the aim of catching the perfect landscape shot to the approach of creating art. The composition, the texture of my subjects as well as the mystical ambience play a major role in the unusual and almost surreal look I try to create. I focus on the story I want to tell and finally on the message I convey to the viewer.


Monster Children Photo Comp 2016 - Travel Category sponsored by Corona Extra - Winner // Click here to read the accompanying article ...

"Zeichen der Zukunft" Fotowettbewerb der Studentenwerke - Shortlist of the 10 best in the category single photo



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